Trusted helps corporations innovate quicker and more efficiently by analyzing, researching, and classifying the rapidly changing market of startups and their world-changing technology. We save corporations time by working in their stead on tasks that are both difficult and time-consuming, finding high potential startups and bridging the cultural divide into successful partnerships.

Our Solutions

  • An ever-expanding and constantly updated online database of startups with an analysis of their technologies and potential applications
  • Offline consulting to assist large companies with identifying challenges, finding niche technologies, bridging the cultural divide, developing a proof of concept, and finalizing a contract.
  • Frequent industry-based market trend reports helping corporations stay competitive and aware of incoming innovations and disruptions in their market.


Trusted team of trained researchers spend hours analyzing public information of startups all over the world so corporations can benefit from in-depth human analysis of startups with high potential but low brand awareness without corporations burdening themselves with information overload and expense of resources.

Our team at Trusted analyzes and compiles data from a disconnected mass of information into clear and concise company cards. Our company cards are visual and designed with customer ease of use in mind making it so corporations can research dozens of startups and technologies quickly and efficiently.

Trusted evaluates all of the startups in our database to guarantee quality. Startups on our platform are business to business companies that are updated regularly, ensuring that the data is accurate and timely. All startups have passed at least one round of funding from VC firms to guarantee that they have been screened and have growth potential.


Our team of highly capable analysts assists corporations in remaining informed of disruptors or new technologies in the market. Using data that we have collected from our research in the startup market we are able to analyze and present that information to our customers as engaging reports. Our reports are written to be concise and clear, allowing you to quickly and efficiently understand the future course of your industry.


Trusted is streamlining the way that Japanese corporations find potential partnerships with foreign startups. Trusted partners with some of the best consulting firms in Tokyo to assist corporations in accelerating innovation.

Our consulting partners will visit your corporation and perform a detailed analysis of its structure and technologies so that they can identify pain points. Our team at Trusted collaborates with our partners to find innovative startups that match the needs of your corporation.

Trusted then brings those startups’ decision-makers to Japan and assists in bridging the culture gap between the two companies and developing proof of concept for how the corporation would integrate the technology or service that the startup provides. Finally, our partners assist in drawing up the final contract and helping both parties to sign it in a timely and coordinated manner.

From concept to completion Trusted and partners are here to help you navigate the complicated world of open innovation.

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