Trusted helps corporations innovate quicker and more efficiently by analyzing, researching, and classifying the rapidly changing market of startups and their world-changing technology. We save corporations time by working in their stead on tasks that are both difficult and time-consuming, finding high potential startups and bridging the cultural divide into successful partnerships.

Our Solutions

  • An ever-expanding and constantly updated online database of startups with an analysis of their technologies and potential applications
  • Offline consulting to assist large companies with identifying challenges, finding niche technologies, bridging the cultural divide, developing a proof of concept, and finalizing a contract.
  • Frequent industry-based market trend reports helping corporations stay competitive and aware of incoming innovations and disruptions in their market.


Our highly specialized team will find startups and technologies that match your needs.


We will analyze and compile all relevant data so you can focus on what’s most important.


We are here to help you achieve results from concept to completion collaborating with partners backed with over 60+ years of combined experience.

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