Trusted is one-stop global platform where startups committed to growing their business can connect with large companies.
Both startups and large companies can discover business solutions that meet their investment, partnership or technological needs.
Build lasting relationships with clients and partners worldwide and work together to create innovative solutions through cross border and cross industry collaborations.


Use our search engine to discover innovative companies around the world.
Directly connect with decision makers from verified startups and large companies.
Communicate and collaborate with companies from different industries worldwide to develop groundbreaking solutions.


Gain insights into global market and industry trends.
Analyze the growth and needs of startup companies on the Trusted platform.
Access to detailed reports and metrics to help you understand what solutions companies are searching for.


Stay up-to-date with updates and activities of startups you’ve registered on Trusted.
Add strategic value to startups within your portfolio by finding or responding to relevant opportunities on the Trusted platform.
Monitor the performance of startups within your portfolio and empower those to grow further.

Do you have startups that are looking to grow their business, enter new markets, and find partnership or investment opportunities?
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