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Fariza Abidova, Michele De Luca
Startup Finder, Data Manager, Innovation Planner, Open Innovation Partnership Consulting from Introduction to Negotiation, Provision of Human Resources and Specialists for Open Innovation Projects.
Startup Database, International B2B Network, Company Search, Address Book, International Collaboration, Open Innovation, Partnerships.
Contact Information
105-6415, 15F, Toranomon Hills Business Tower. 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Technopark D4 Pk., 6039 Root, Luzern, Switzerland

Our Story

Fariza Abidova and Michele De Luca founded Trusted Corporation with the vision of accelerating innovation – and thereby enhancing society and quality of life globally.

Desiring to experience an open and innovative society in our lifetime, we noticed that progress towards this was slow. Why, we wondered? As most of the technology required for innovation already exists.

We soon discovered problems in world of business that slow down the progress of innovation:

  • Astonishing technologies and innovative companies are scattered around the globe with no consistent or intuitive way of connecting them in one synergetic network
  • Most companies are still relying on analog methods and referrals to find partners in the world of innovation, barely scratching the surface of what synergies could be possible
  • Information overload resulting from poorly organized and filtered databases makes it difficult to find quality companies and technologies

Technology startups tend to have small teams and are busy building their technology, leaving them with little time to focus on building their brand or increasing awareness. Corporations on the other hand are busy searching, screening, and analyzing thousands of startups which leaves them with little time or resources to achieve their initial goal of contacting startups and forming meaningful partnerships, prioritizing quality over quantity.

These problems lead to corporations and startups struggling to find each other and accelerate innovation.
We have experienced these problems ourselves, and now Trusted works tirelessly so that corporations can find potential new technologies and partnerships effortlessly.

Our team shares one vision of accelerating cross-border cross-industry innovation, on a mission to replace outdated and tedious business processes with the Trusted platform, an approach suited to the modern era, managed by a team you can trust.

Our Values

Global Connectivity

Trusted's vision is to connect startups and corporations in Japan and Europe to let the creativity of open innovation flow and to ensure that innovative tech and resources can find each other effortlessly.
Through us, you can access a strong network of currently 200 venture capital funds, 5000 tech startups in Europe, and large Japanese corporations – continuously expanding on a monthly basis.

Specialized Expertise

Innovation and new tech is highly specialized. To facilitate the open innovation process, targeted expertise is paramount to help our clients achieve optimal outcomes.
We partner with experts and advisors on three continents in a wide range of specializations, ensuring we can match you with the consultancy your project requires.

Customized Approach

Open innovation in its essence is unique, which demands a tailored approach. Many companies are tired of the common one-size-fits-all methods that broad scope the startup landscape yet don't produce the desired results.
At Trusted, we offer a unique approach that crystallizes clients' goals through an in-depth initial assessment followed by regular check-ins.
We provide startup databases that contain exactly the types of startups you want to be connected with and consulting all the way from project planning and negotiation to the execution of your open innovation project – by consultants that understand the open innovation process from the inside.

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