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Fariza Abidova, Michele De Luca
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Trusted is an online B2B community and search engine platform for companies. It’s the one-stop place for companies to directly connect with verified businesses, and discover partnership, R&D, M&A, investment and other business opportunities worldwide.

Trusted Corporation was founded by Fariza Abidova and Michele De Luca in 2016, with the vision to be the first choice search engine for all business solutions and companies looking to find business expansion opportunities abroad. Our mission is to provide an efficient, low-cost method for companies to access business opportunities directly in all parts of the world.

By becoming a Trusted member, companies enter an online business ecosystem where they can connect to a global community of diverse businesses. Trusted members create a company profile where they share information about their products/services, recent developments, future projects and collaboration opportunities. All members have unlimited access to search through the Trusted online directory of companies and directly connect with decision makers of companies.

Trusted is proudly partnered with a number of leading accelerators, VCs, share office providers, and large multinational technology companies to help expand our online community. Together with the support of our partners, we are here to inspire cross-border and cross-industry collaborations to create groundbreaking solutions, and support startups to grow their businesses.

Important note: Trusted memberships are limited to companies affiliated with our Partners. We are currently open to partnering with share office providers, accelerators, VCs and large multinational companies. To become a Trusted Partner, please reach out to us directly and we can provide you with more information and partnership opportunities.

  • Who can sign up to be a member of Trusted Corporation?
    Trusted memberships are limited to companies affiliated with our Partners.
    We proudly partnered with leading accelerators, VCs, shared office providers, and large multinational technology companies. Trusted Partners register the companies within their community on the Trusted platform, which helps us foster a diverse membership base.

    If your organization is a shared office provider, accelerator, VC or large multinational company, please contact us directly for more information and partnership opportunities.

  • What types of companies could I find on Trusted?
    Our membership base is ever growing! You can find companies at any stage of their business lifecycle, from early-stage startups and companies ready to scale into new markets, to large multinational companies searching for cutting-edge technology or innovative business solutions. We are all about cross-border and cross-industry collaborations, so you can find any company from any industry around the world.

  • How are Trusted members verified?
    We highly value trust, that’s why it’s in our name. We are committed to ensuring that companies that join Trusted are trustworthy and reliable.

    Our members are companies that have joined Trusted through our partnerships with leading accelerators, VCs, shared office providers, and renowned large multinational companies. Companies affiliated with these accelerators, VCs, and shared office providers are verified via a company registration confirmation prior to becoming a member of their community.

  • What are some examples of why companies have joined Trusted?
    Companies have joined Trusted to find opportunities to test their products, licensing partnerships, investment, R&D, M&A or joint venture. For most companies, they join because they want to find partnership or collaboration opportunities worldwide.

  • How much does it cost to become a Trusted member?
    If your organization is a shared office provider, accelerator or VC, please contact us for more information about pricing, and partnership opportunities.

  • Are there any additional fees?
    We don’t charge anything for any projects or collaborations that are generated from the Trusted platform. We only charge a membership fee. If your company requires any consulting services or other support, we can arrange for our partners to provide these services at an additional cost. Send us an email to learn more about our pricing or these additional services.

  • Does Trusted match me with other companies?
    We do not offer or provide any company matchmaking services, of any kind. It’s up to Trusted members to use our search engine to search, connect, and collaborate with fellow Trusted members. Please get in touch if your company requires additional consulting services or support. We are able to arrange for our partners to provide offline support for your company at an extra cost.

  • How do I get in contact with companies I find on Trusted?
    You can send a direct message to a company’s contact person or decision maker on the Trusted platform. Simply head to the company’s profile page, and click on the contact person’s name to send them a message.

  • How do I know what solutions or opportunities other members are searching for?
    When you search for a company, you can select their profile to see more details. Their profile will outline what solutions or opportunities they are looking for, and should give you a great idea on which company is right for you.

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