Connecting the world and Japanese companies. Innovation from Toranomon of Trusted and CIC

Fariza Abidova (Representative Director of Trusted Co., Ltd.) / Minako Hirata (Director of CIC Japan GK / Director of Venture Cafe Tokyo)

There are companies that are struggling to discover technologies and know-how that Japanese companies have not fully utilized and to lead to global innovation. Trusted Co., Ltd. has a network with large companies and startups in cities around the world, mainly in Europe.

Tokyo & the Nordics: a New Innovation Hub in the Making

On Jan 22, 2021, Trusted Inc, Nordic Innovation House, CIC Tokyo, Mori Building, Innovation Lab Asia, and Venture Cafe Tokyo hosted a joint event on “Nordic startups and Japanese companies: open innovation strategies & exploring opportunities for partnerships in health tech and other business areas” at CIC Tokyo.

【12月11日放送分、ゲスト:Fariza Abidova】CIC LIVE - Start-up Toranomon 〜ミナコの部屋〜 by 平田 美奈子

番組名:Voices of Innovation
初回特別ゲスト: Fariza Abidova - Trusted Corporation
ナビゲーター:平田 美奈子

平田美奈子/CIC Japan ディレクター・Venture Café Tokyo 理事
経済系シンクタンクに8年間勤務、その後、渡米。しばらく専業主婦。帰国後、CIC Japan設立と、姉妹団体である
Venture Café Tokyoの立ち上げのプロジェクトマネージャーを経て現職。好きな景色は故郷の海。剣道三段。



「すべては日本の成長のために。」をコンセプトに、成長産業支援を行うフォースタートアップス株式会社とCIC Tokyoが共催。スタートアップや大手企業、アカデミア、行政など幅広い分野の最前線で活躍する60名超のスピーカーが一堂に会し、産業テーマ別に、16の熱いトークセッションを9時間に渡り開催いたしました。

Great minds think alike: Why Japanese companies should work with European start-ups

Japan and Europe are both places not only steeped in history and culture, they also have a lot in common in the business world. At Trusted, we discovered that partnerships between Japanese companies and EU-based start-ups are often a perfect match. Here we explain the ingredients of this three-piece pie for your business success.

賢者は皆同じように考える: 日本企業が 欧州のスタートアップと事業提携すべき理由


Why Your Open Innovation Project Will Fail Without These 3 Key Steps:

Fariza founded Trusted Inc. 4 years ago to directly connect decision makers in Japanese and foreign companies, online. The company was born out of her vision to make borderless technology innovation a possibility for companies worldwide.Here are the three key take-aways from the interview on how your Open Innovation project can become a success.


ファリザさんは、日本企業と海外企業の意思決定者をオンラインで直接つなげることを目指して、4年前にTrusted株式会社を設立しました。 Trusted株式会社は、世界中の企業がボーダレスな技術革新を享受できる社会にしたいという彼女のビジョンから生まれた会社です。以下では、オープン・イノベーションプロジェクトを成功させるために重要な3つのポイントについてご紹介します。

Why do Japanese companies fail to partner with startups through Accelerators & Incubators?

Many Japanese companies invest in venture capital funds or sponsor startup accelerators or incubators, hoping to include open innovation into their business strategy. Yet, many are left without any tangible results. Why? Here we explain why trying to partner with startups via these routes often ends up being sunken yen for Japanese companies and what they can do instead.

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