Data Manager

If your company already started compiling a database of startups, we take care of this difficult and time-consuming task for you. Trusted compiles your existing startup database in one convenient and purpose-made management system, while offering smart analysis.

Large corporations often host startup databases of several 1000 entries of an ever-changing startup landscape. Instead of manually assessing every entry, our analytics report does the work for you based on your interest.

We also manage the tedious task of updating the database for you, making sure startups listed remain current and relevant, and that any new entries we add are actually new connections for you.

Step 1: Initial consultation

In the initial meeting we explain how our purpose-built database management system works and view your existing database.
We then start transferring your data into our system, creating a congruous database that displays the same quality of information in one standard format for each entry, adding missing information where necessary. The initial setup takes 2 weeks, but we continue to add any data you send us to your personalized database, at a pace of 100 high quality entries per month.

Step 2: Start your search

You can start using our system online anytime with your personal log-in. Search functions offer you a high level of freedom and functionality, ranging from keyword, industry, technology, or company name search functions.
In addition, we create analytics reports per your criteria of evaluation on request

Step 3: Get connected

You can request meetings with decision makers directly via our system and we will set them up for you.

Step 4: Consistent Updates

We keep on adding startups relevant to your criteria of selection to your personal database from our consistently updated main database. You will be alerted of those on your page when you log in.
Further, you can select 10 companies every month with a request for updates on the startups' latest track records. Every 6 months, we fully update your database with the latest information

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