• Who can sign up to be a member of Trusted Corporation?
    Large corporations looking for startups and startups that have been verified and invited by Trusted to our community.

  • What types of companies can I find on Trusted?
    Every startup has to meet certain criteria before they are put on our platform. They are all B2B startups that have passed at least one round of VC funding and have active operations. On our platform, we have startups of various sizes, stages, countries, products, and services for our clients to choose from.

  • How much does it cost to become a Trusted member?
    Pricing differs based on the scale of the project and the specific needs of our client. Please contact us for more details.

  • Does Trusted match me with other companies?
    Trusted partners with native and international consulting firms so that we can assist you with any form of partnership you may need. Please contact us with your business interest so we can introduce you to the most relevant consulting firm for your needs.

  • How do I get in contact with companies I find on Trusted?
    Simply select the companies that you are interested in and Trusted will contact them for you.

  • How often are the Trusted Startups updated?
    Every company in our database is updated bi-annually, to make sure that all of our information is timely and accurate.

  • How long does Trusted Consulting take?
    From beginning to end the whole consulting process takes on average around 6 months.

  • How often do Trusted Analysis reports release?
    We adjust our market trend reports based on the activity and volatility of the world market, but we are committed to producing one report every month in a different industry.

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