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Catalyst for Growth Program


About the Program

Trusted Corporation has launched the Catalyst for Growth Program to help large multinational companies (the ‘Host” company) connect with Trusted members who are interested in investment or partnership.

The Catalyst for Growth Program is an opportunity for early to mature-stage startups to pitch their products or services to large companies. In return, the large company can invite selected startups to visit their headquarters in Japan, and/or discuss the potential for a partnership or investment opportunity.

The program allows large companies to easily find startups that match their criteria and business needs; increase their portfolio of startups; and support startups by offering partnership or investment opportunities. We also offer the large company the creative freedom to customize their application process, selection and pitch criteria, number of startups to invite to Japan, program schedule, and other prize inclusions.

We’ve designed the program to streamline the investment and partnership process, and make the decision-making process more efficient. The program will take place on the Trusted platform - a single place for startups to share their pitch video and large companies to interact with them.

Applications for the program will be open to all Trusted members and startups affiliated with our Trusted Partners. We will announce when the programs of the Host Company is officially launched, and open to receiving startup applications, so please stay tuned. If you are a startup and interested in joining the program, please contact us at

We are on the lookout for large companies interested in becoming a host company, please contact us at to request information on how to apply.

Benefits of the Catalyst for Growth Program

Benefits for Startups

  • Build your global business network
  • Showcase your products or services to companies worldwide
  • Discover opportunities to collaborate with companies around the world
  • Apply for concrete investment or partnership opportunities through a single pitch video on your Trusted profile page

Benefits for Large Companies

  • Customizable program to easily find startups with solutions that match your needs using one platform
  • Invite startups you are interested in investing or partnering with, to your headquarters
  • Expand your global business network and discover new opportunities to collaborate with startups
  • Find relevant business solutions faster, such as innovative technology, licensing partnerships or R & D

Program Outline

The following is an overview of what happens during the Catalyst for Growth Program event in Japan. Host companies can also customize this schedule.

Day 1: Meet & Greet

  • Learn about the host company
  • Meet the people you’ll be working with from the host company

Day 2: Pitch & Learn

  • Pitch your startup in front of the host company’s management team and decision makers
  • Receive feedback from the host company
  • Learn from the host company and notable guest speakers

Day 3: Tour & Team Up

  • Visit the host company’s headquarters
  • Meet with the relevant departments and decision makers you will be working with

Day 4: Discuss & Celebrate

  • Opportunity to discuss the details of a partnership or investment contract

Selection Criteria

The criteria below is a general outline of the types of startups we are interested in having as participants of the program.

  • Startups must be affiliated with our Trusted Partners - this is to ensure they are verified companies
  • Startups may be based in any country and any industry
  • We only accept startups that are past the ideation stage, and in the early to mature-stage
  • Startups must at least have a solution or technology in its prototype phase or solid product or service in the market
  • Startups must provide technological solutions that meet the requirements of the host company

This criteria can be further customized to meet the host company’s needs.


The following is an example of the prizes that startup finalists may receive; these prizes are dependent on the Host company:

  • Invitation to meet the host company in Japan
  • All expenses paid trip to Japan for representatives from each startup (number of representatives is dependent on the host company)
  • Opportunity to discuss and/or sign an investment or partnership contract with relevant decision makers from the host company. Types of partnership opportunities available include: product/service testing, licensing, or joint venture.


  • How can I become a Host Company?
    To become a host company, please contact us at

  • When will the next round for the Catalyst for Growth Program begin?
    To become a host company, please contact us at

  • How does the selection process work?
    The host company will review the applicant’s Trusted company profile page and pitch video. If shortlisted for an interview, the host company will contact you using Trusted’s messaging system.

  • How many people from my team can attend the Catalyst for Growth Program event in Japan?
    Each startup can bring representatives from their team to Japan, the number of representatives is dependent on the host company. We recommend that these representatives be a founder, co-founder or decision maker of the company. We also welcome additional team members to join the program, however, any additional team members may need to pay for their own accommodation and travel costs.

  • Will Trusted match me to companies, investment or partnership opportunities?
    No, Trusted Corporation does not offer or provide any company matchmaking services of any kind. It is up to Trusted members to use our search engine to search, connect and collaborate with fellow Trusted members.

    For the purposes of the Catalyst for Growth Program, Trusted Corporation acts as a platform for the host company to review applications and communicate with applicants of the program.

  • Will I still get access to the Trusted platform if I am not selected for the Catalyst for Growth Program?
    Yes, when applying for the Catalyst for Growth Program your company will automatically become a free Trusted member. To access additional search or messaging features on the Trusted platform, you will have to upgrade to a Basic or Premium membership.

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