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Cross Border Cross Industry R&D Initiative


About the R&D Initiative

Increase your innovation potential and accelerate the pace of technological discovery through Trusted Corporation’s R&D collaboration initiative.

Cooperate with other companies and universities around the world and create innovative solutions to problems facing the medical, robotics, automotive, material science/engineering, IT (AI) and renewable energy areas, together.

Join Trusted Platform to find cross-border / cross industry R&D, licensing partnership and investment opportunities.

Why the R&D Initiative?

We believe cross border and cross industry collaboration helps companies stay ahead of market trends, maintain a competitive advantage, and be innovative. Through this initiative we want to help companies of all sizes and universities to collaborate and gain funding to power innovative R&D activities to better the future of technology.

Today, there are many universities and companies of all sizes that undertake R&D activities. For some entities, R&D operations are dependent on their own resources and networks to fund and further their development. Hence, R&D activities can be a timely process that requires money, human, information and other resources to create truly innovative technology.

In today’s business environment, there are few cases of collaborations between companies and universities. In some cases, it can be challenging for startup companies to approach larger, more established companies for collaborations as they may lack credibility or the necessary networks.

On the other hand, few R&D projects look externally to other industries to connect and apply outside creativity, experience and know-how to help solve their problems. This absence of cross-industry collaboration stems from a lack of necessary information, networks, direct communication tools and online solutions.

Trusted team believes that cross-border and cross-industry collaboration has the potential to accelerate the speed of creating life-changing innovative solutions.

What companies are eligible for the initiative?

To qualify for the R&D initiative, your business entity must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be a Company or University
  • Based in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, UK, USA, Australia, or Japan
  • Currently conducting research on IT (AI), robotics, medical technology, automotive/logistics, material science and engineering, or renewable energy
  • Financial Institutions(Banks, VCs) interested in investing in the fields mentioned above

How does the R&D initiative support companies and universities?

  • Exposure to R&D, licensing partnerships and funding opportunities
  • Grow your network across different industries and around the world
  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Leverage creativity, experience and other resources to create innovative solutions to problems


  • Create a Company Profile page on Trusted Platform for free between June and September 2018.
  • Offer only valid for Startup companies and university Laboratories in IT (AI), robotics, medical technology, automotive/logistics, material science and engineering, or renewable energy.
  • Additional project-based fees may apply if your company/university chooses to add on translation or video production services. If you are interested in these services, please contact us at


  1. Sign up and create a profile for your entity on
  2. Browse and connect with other companies and universities
  3. Work together to add value and grow your companies and universities

Terms & Conditions

  • Add-ons to Trusted memberships, including translation or video production services, will be billed to the respective entity.
  • Free membership offer is only valid between June and September 2018, for Startup companies and universities in IT (AI), robotics, medical technology, automotive/logistics, material science and engineering, or renewable energy.

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