Innovation Planner

We offer three services to suit our clients' needs.
If you are just starting out on open innovation, or if you are looking to improve your outcomes with it, Trusted thoroughly evaluates your open innovation potential and situation and presents the results to management, your innovation team, and the management level of involved departments. Finally, our "Innovation Planner" assessment workshop clearly shows the direction and actions to be taken.

After completion of the assessment, we clarify the exact technologies our clients need for open innovation. Then, our "Startup Finder" searches for matching startup companies that have the exact technology that our clients are looking for and make an introduction.

Finally, we provide the "Data Manager," a database management system that makes the best use of existing startup data, if you have already adopted open innovation and have acquired startup information in-house.

Our "Innovation Planner" assessment workshop provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the client's innovation potential, needs, and circumstances.

We have thoroughly researched and analyzed the successful process of open innovation of famous companies around the world, and classified the process of open innovation into 5 steps and 25 indicators. According to this classification, the client's open innovation is optimized, identifying unused resources, what actions are needed for progress, and what technology is required from outside. Our assessment also involves decision-making executives in the process to ensure that all members and relevant departments involved in the innovation process gain the clarity needed. Once clients are ready for open innovation, we introduce Japanese and international startups that have the technology required via the "Startup Finder" service.

The full duration of the Innovation Planner assessment & workshop process is approximately 6 weeks. In about a month and a half, you will gain the competitive edge in open innovation needed to successfully collaborate with international startups globally.

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