Fariza Abidova

Co-Founder & CEO of Trusted Corporation
Founder of SOPHYS Corporation

Fariza Abidova is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for promoting global business collaboration. In 2010, she established SOPHYS Corporation, a global human resource development company, that trained 3000 Japanese executives and senior managers.

In 2016, Fariza launched her second start-up, Trusted Corporation, that helps large companies and startups accelerate innovation through cross-border and cross-industry collaboration.

On the side, Fariza lectures at Japanese universities and American business schools and writes articles and columns for Japanese newspapers.

Michele De Luca

Co-Founder & COO of Trusted Corporation

Michele has extensive experience in the IT field where he specializes in design, UI and UX.

Throughout his career, his deep knowledge of IT has provided business development and consulting services to various gaming companies in Germany, Australia, Japan, Italy, France and the United States of America.

Dirk Hermans

Investor of Trusted Corporation
Financial & Risk Management Advisor at Big Four accounting firms

Dirk is an angel investor, startup mentor, and associate partner in the management consulting industry.

Skilled in digital transformation, business planning, M&A, IPO advisory, financial reporting, he also holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Walden University.

Michimasa Naka

Advisor and Investor at Trusted Corporation

Michimasa is a chairperson in the financial services industry with 30 years of experience in sales management, financial advisory, startup incubation and angel investments.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Keio University.

Robert Schuman

Technical Advisor at Trusted Corporation

Robert is a CTO and startup co-founder with more than 15 years’ experience scaling startups in Boston, San Francisco, and Tokyo. As an advisor and consultant, he loves to help companies find novel ways to thrive in market highs and lows.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard University.

Mie Ishibashi

Customer Success & Business Development at Trusted Corporation

Mie graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kobe University and is proficient in human resource development and training.

She brings deep experience in SME sales and account management which she now uses to promote open innovation of Japanese companies as a Trusted team member.

    Reiko Endo

    On-site Researcher Japan

    Reiko graduated from International Affairs major and Psychology minor, Temple University Japan campus. After her graduation she joined Trusted as a researcher.
    Utilizing her knowledge of international affairs, economics, social psychology, behavioral psychology, she is working as a Trusted researcher on research on start-up companies of Japanese and European companies, building a database and network of start-ups globally.

    Valeria Morone

    On-site Researcher Europe

    Valeria is Trusted's on-site researcher for Europe, directly connecting our clients to our European network. She completed her undergraduate thesis on open innovation in Japan after working with us as a research intern. Valeria has lived in six countries and is actively involved in sustainability. She is currently completing a Master's in International Management at Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal.

    Christine Kojima

    Research Lead

    Christine brings thirteen years experience in the logistics and customs compliance field. Her highly developed skills in analyzing and classifying various commodities and goods and applying the appropriate tariffs and regulations are beneficial in discovering and researching innovative and sustainable startups that exactly match our clients’ criteria. Christine holds a Bachelor degree in International Business from California State University.

    Andrew Oyama


    Half Japanese, half American, Andrew is native in both languages and cultures, a unique combination and an asset for Trusted’s clients seeking partnerships and M&As between Japanese and Western companies. His expertise is in the marketing realm, with a focus on digital marketing and consumer behaviour. Andrew is currently completing his degree in International Business and Economics at the renowned Sophia University in the heart of Tokyo.

      Charis Zarzeka


      Charis is a senior at Temple University, majoring in Statistical Science and Data Analytics. Closely studying quality control, programming, risk management and economics, along with a strong interest in technology and innovation, Charis is helping the Trusted team as a research intern.

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