Trusted is proudly partnered with several leading accelerators, venture capitals, commercial real estate developers and banks to help expand our online community.
Together with the support of our partners, we are here to inspire cross-border and cross-industry collaborations to create groundbreaking solutions, and support startups to grow their businesses.
Become a Trusted Partner and help your affiliated companies accelerate their business growth.


Connect your tenants from different locations in a single place. Broaden your tenants’ network on Trusted to help showcase and take their businesses to the next level.


Understand how to better support your diverse portfolio of startups, after providing investment. Connect your startups to potential clients, partners or product/service testing opportunities.


Continue supporting your portfolio of startups after they complete your acceleration program. Help your startups find next round investment, product/service testing opportunities, or manufacturers through the Trusted community.


Help your affiliated companies tap into new networks and business opportunities within your own country or abroad.


Connect your departments, foreign branch offices or group of companies all in one place. Open your corporation up to new opportunities, partnerships or clients around the world.

How Trusted works

Trusted is the one-stop place for companies to directly connect with verified businesses. Discover partnership, R&D, M&A, investment and other business opportunities worldwide.

Partner with Trusted

Trusted partners with venture capitals, accelerators, banks, and commercial real estate developers.

Share registration link and code with affiliated companies

Trusted Partners receive a registration link and code, which they share with companies they are affiliated with.
Affiliated companies can use the registration link and code provided by a Trusted Partner to register their company on Trusted.

Explore the Trusted community

Once your affiliated companies are registered on Trusted, they can create a company profile to share information about their company, products/services, recent developments, future projects and collaboration opportunities. As members, they can explore the search engine and connect to a global community of diverse businesses.

Connect and Collaborate with other Members

As members of Trusted, your affiliated companies can contact a company’s key responsible and start collaborating!

Become a Trusted Partner

We are currently open to partnering with commercial real estate developers, banks, accelerators and venture capitals.
Contact us for more information on how to become a Trusted Partner.

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