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We successfully connect Japanese corporations with European startups and European corporations with Japanese startups and SMEs.

If you are at the beginning of your open innovation journey, the first step is an assessment of your unique situation to tailor our service to your goals. We consult large companies through all stages of the open innovation process, from identifying challenges, finding niche technologies, bridging the cultural divide, to developing a proof of concept, and finalizing a contract.

Based on this, we then build a pool of startups suited to your needs on our purpose-build platform. Your log-in will give you access to a startup database tailored exactly to your company, technologies of interests and needs. If a potential partner interests you, we arrange a meeting with the decision makers.

This is what sets Trusted's service apart from other introduction services for startups – the contacts you will receive are 100% matched to your unique selection criteria.

Step 1: In-depth innovation readiness assessment

We assess your unique situation in detail before embarking on the search for startup partners for you.
This includes choosing the right challenge, setting criteria for the required tech, realistic budgeting, and project timelines.

Step 2: Consulting phase

We work with you on getting your company up to speed for open innovation, based on your unique situation. In this phase, we deploy our specialized partner consultants to work with you in-house.

Step 3: Finding potential partners

In the meantime, we already search for matching startups and technologies and present these to you

Step 4: Get connected

We make introductions to decision makers and set up meetings for you with several startups, until you find your right partner.
We further assist our clients with deciding on meeting goals and expectations, and join meetings to facilitate negotiations, ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Post meeting, we offer an evaluation, bridging cultural differences and business processes between the parties.

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